ThreeForMe Laser Treatments at Marisa Lawrence Plastic Surgery

Watch as Senior Laser Specialist and Expert Nurse Injector Lisa Tomlinson talks about ThreeForMe laser treatments. Call us today to schedule your free consultation. 404-303-7004.

ThreeForMe Laser Treatments

Hello, I'm Lisa Tomlinson R.N., I'm a senior laser practitioner. I'm at the office of Doctor Marisa Lawrence. We're in Sandy Springs right next to Northside Hospital. You'll find us on You'll find us on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. I have something great for you. I have what's called the Three For Me laser. What it does... one, tighten your skin, tone and texturize it. Two, get rid of your pigment, the sunspots, have fun at the beach. Come see me, get that sun damage off. And three, it reduces those red vessels on your cheeks, on your chin, anywhere you have that. It's a perfect treatment, come and see me. It's a free consultation, happy to have you.