Top 5 Skin-Care Trends Emerging in the Time of COVID-19

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Top 5 Skin-Care Trends Emerging in the Time of COVID-19 at Marisa Lawrence Plastic Surgery

Demand for cosmetic treatments has shot up since COVID-19.

Marisa Lawrence Plastic Surgery and MedSpa in Atlanta has seen a jump in neck and face inquiries. It's been dubbed the "Zoom boom" in the sector because people are using video calls more for work and socializing. 

Here are our top 5 skin-care trends that have emerged since COVID-19.

1. Botox and Filler Are Becoming More Popular

There has been a significant rise in people working from home through Zoom and other video platforms, so our face is being seen by colleagues and clients more than ever. “Botox and Filler has become more popular in the time of online and video working,” says Angela Evans, Nurse Practitioner and Master Injector for Marisa Lawrence Plastic Surgery in Atlanta. With so many people working by video during COVID-19, our faces are constantly being looked at, so we need to make sure those lines and wrinkles are being smoothed and eliminated.” Angela is a 25-year master injector and offers Botox treatment and facial and lip filler from the Juvederm family of fillers to patients at Marisa Lawrence Plastic Surgery. Call 404-303-7004 to schedule your appointment with Angela today. 

2. ‘Maskne’ Is Popping Up for Many of Us

When social distancing is not possible, wearing a mask in public is a necessity to help slow the spread of COVID 19. And yet it is tough when you experience a resurgence in breakouts (what’s being dubbed “maskne”).

Increased warmth and humidity within the mask provide an ideal environment for the bacteria that cause acne and for clogged pores, another cause of acne. The heat and humidity also aggravate rosacea or cause irritation that leads to perioral dermatitis. Courtney Cox, medical esthetician and laser specialist at Marisa Lawrence Plastic Surgery urges people to use calming products such as our Ultra Gentle Radiance Cleanser and our Salicylic & Glycolic Purifying Pads to assist with clearing up the break outs. Also, a monthly Vi Chemical Peel and Hydrafacial are recommended to decongest, clear up breakouts, and hydrate the skin. Call 404-303-7004 to schedule your consultation and treatment with Courtney.

3. Increased Requests for Lip Fillers

Since we have seen a huge transition of people working from home and being seen more via video, we are more aware of our looks more than ever. We have seen a huge increase in patients coming in for lip fillers to provide a plumper pout. Our master injector Angela Evans provides more lip volume by adding Juvederm filler to the lip, making for a beautiful, natural look. Who does Dr. Lawrence use for her lip filler? Angela of course. Make your appointment with Angela today.

4. Laser Hair Removal Is on the Rise

If you have bothersome hairs on your upper lip or chin, laser hair removal is an option to permanently remove them. The laser damages the hair follicle, but a series of treatments is needed to stop growth. You’ll likely need six treatments spaced one month apart. Our medical esthetician and laser specialist Courtney Cox can help. Courtney has over 18 years’ experience with lasers and is a former laser trainer. Experience matters. Call 404-303-7004 today to schedule your appointment with Courtney.

5. More People Are Turning to Radiofrequency Microneedling

With fewer places to go and no big events on the calendar, patients feel like they can embrace this as an opportunity to get their skin in tip top shape. Radiofrequency microneedling is another of those treatments. Radiofrequency heats skin to stimulate collagen production, and the microneedling causes minor damage to the skin with fine needles, which also promotes collagen. A radiofrequency microneedling treatment combines the two. You may be red for a couple of days or your skin may appear pixelated for up to a week, but the results amazing. Our Microneedling addresses everything from texture to pores, wrinkles, scarring, discoloration, and uneven skin tone and are safe for all skin types. Radiofrequency Microneedling is one of Dr. Lawrence’s favorite and most recommended treatments. Call Courtney at 404-303-7004 to discuss your treatment plan today.

Safety is always our top priority. We have COVID-19 guidelines and procedures in place to help keep you and our staff safely. Call us at 404-303-7004 to schedule your consultation and treatment today.

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